Setting up the front suspension ride height is done by measuring the height of the lower wishbone inner pivot from the ground and subtracting from that the height of the outer trunnion pivot from the ground. A height difference of about 1.25 in. is common. To do this in the way the Workshop Manual says you need to find a piece of completely flat and level ground. A gravel covered drive is no use at all.


It is possible to make life much easier by using two elastic bands and a piece of string. Slip the elastic bands over the nuts on the end of the outer trunnions and tie them together with the string such that the string is held taut by the bands. The string then gives an accurate datum line running directly underneath the inner wishbone pivots so the difference measurement is very easy to make.

Setting Front Suspension Ride Height (Torsion Bars)

The above diagram shows the elastic bands slipped over the nuts on the outer trunnions and the string which is held taut by the bands passing under the inner trunnions.  The torsion bars are in the centre of the inner trunnions.  Simply measure the vertical distance between the centre of the inner trunnions and the string.