Note 1.     Girling cylinders have a number cast into the main body.  This is just a casting number and is not the same as the part number.

Note2.      Many marques apart from Riley used Girling brake systems and the components used often look the same as the ones Riley used and in some cases they are the same. This can be confusing if you are buying such a component and it has lost its original box and hence part number. The same problem arises with remanufactured components. In such cases always check that the bore of the component you are considering is the same as the one used use by Riley.

Note 3.     Rover and Land Rover used some components in common with Riley. In particular the front cylinders used on the Riley 2½ from 1950 to 1952 (390360/390361) are also used on the following and possibly on others too.

         107" & 109" WB Land Rovers from 1954 to 1968

         LAND ROVER SERIES II/IIA 109 09/1961-09/1971

         2 1/4  Litre 109" WB Land Rovers from August 1968 to September 1971

         LAND ROVER SERIES III 109 07/1980-12/1985

These cylinders are available from many sources at prices which vary considerably. Many of these are not of Girling manufacture so double check their quality and ensure that they have a bore of 11/8 in. (28.575mm)

Note 4.  RME rear cylinders are often confused with RMF ones and are sold as fitting an RMF.  They have different bore sizes and only two fixing studs as opposed to the three used for the RMF.  RMF cylinders are harder to find and are consequently more expensive.  The difference can be seen below where the RME cylinder is on the left and the RMF cylinder is on the right.