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RMF Water Pump

The Workshop Manual shows pictures of the RMF water pump and the way the various parts fit together but the pictures are not very clear and there is little detailed explanation other than how to take it apart. The pictures below are enlargements of those in the Workshop Manual and should make things easier to see.


A common question is how the dust excluder seals should be fitted. The rear dust excluder packing is sandwiched between the two washers (dust excluders). The rearmost one is flat while the other is dished so that it only touches the inner race of the rear bearing. The collar  (marked as Item 8) sits inside the packing and between the two washers. The forward dust excluder packing has just the one washer (dust excluder) behind it and this washer is also dished so that it only touches the inner race of the front bearing. The forward side of the dust excluder packing fits against the boss of the pulley.


The second picture below shows everything in place. The way the duster excluder washers are dished and the small collar located inside the rear dust excluder packing are clearly shown.  The pump shown is an early one with a circlip fitted to the shaft (arrowed).  In later pumps this was replaced by  a pair of split collets.